Welcome to ” His Works Displayed!”

I am Alana Paone Kandt.
I’m a health conscious wife, Jesus-chaser, runner, and teacher. I have a passion for changing the trajectory of my student’s lives to have the maximum amount of impact in their world.

I Love:
Home-made meals with my husband on the balcony. Long runs with my sister. Vacations with my family. Community. Soulful conversations. The joy in storytelling. IEP goals being met. A nice glass of Cabernet after a crazy week of work.
I Believe in:
Hope for the messed-up life. The steadfast love of the LORD. Inclusion for those with disabilities. Having a healthy lifestyle which improves the quality of life.


My current fitness routine typically includes five or six days of running a week. As a teacher, entering into a summer, I hope to become more creative with the days off by alternating cardio and strength training into my workouts.
I am a big believer in the quote “It is a mental sport, and I am insane.” When I talk about running with my friends, I can easily agree with them that I am insane. Starting work at 7:00 a.m, I often have to wake up just before 5:00 a.m to get my run in. I often get embarrassed to share that with people because I sound crazy!

Alana Running

Running is therapeutic, it’s quiet, it is often a place where I have those “ah-ha” moments, and the endorphin thing is the real deal! There are not many things that make you feel better than completing a nice run.


One of the ways I love serving my husband is by cooking delicious, healthy meals for us to eat together. For him, ice cream and pizza was a way of life. He has now seen the benefits of meals that make you feel satisfied with a good full instead of the miserable overstuffed, tired feeling. I am more of an experimenter if anything. I am nothing close to a chef. I love experimenting with different recipes I find on the internet!

My husband often encourages me to start a restaurant, and I often laugh and tell him, I will start a blog instead. =)
I hope to share some of the health conscious meals I create in my kitchen!


As a teacher of students with special needs, it is essential to have deep convictions about the value and uniqueness of each and every student of mine. Too often those with special needs are viewed in light of their limitations, but I choose to view them in light of their possibilities. Working from a basis of dignity, I see each student as possessing immense potential. My job as a teacher is to cultivate and release that potential.
My passion for those with special needs is a gift from the Lord and I pray God continues to use me for HIS glory as my students DISPLAY Him.Alana Classroom

On my blog you will hear a lot more about my adventures in Special Education!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so proud of you for starting this. Your blog will be a blessing to many and I can’t wait to see what happens through it. No bake PB cookies and pulled chicken here I come! Love you Lani!


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